Important notice.

Dear students, All the practical board exam schedule has been cancelled due to the threat of deadly covid-19. Therefore, all the students are requested to follow Pinnacle app for new schedule and preboard exams(XI).


Due to unfavorable circumstances college will remain closed on 14 Falgun, 2076(Wednesday).

Saraswati Puja

This is to inform everyone to be at the college premises for the celebration of Saraswati Puja.

Date: 30 January, 2020(Thursday)

Time : 8 AM


This is to notify everyone that regular classes will resume from tomorrow onwards ( 20 January, 2020).

Admit card

This is to notify everyone to collect their send up examination admit card from account section today(6 January, 2020) 21 Paush 2076 Monday.


This is to inform everyone that the account section will remain open from 9 am to 2pm on 4 January, 2020 (19 paush 2076) , Saturday.


This is to notify everyone that there will be no classes as for tommorrow(26 December, 2019) due to solar eclipse.


This is to notify all the students that classes will run as usual on 25 December, 2019 Wednesday.

Send Up Examination Form

All the students of Grade XI and XII are informed to fill up the examination form and submit it to the account section within the end of the week (i.e. Friday, 27 December,2019).


This is to notify all the students of pinnacle academy that college will remain closed on the occasion of udhauli parba and yomari purnima.(i.e. 26 mangshir 2076 , 12 December 2019). And monthly test scheduled on 26 mangshir 2076 Thursday has been rescheduled on 27 mangshir 2076 Friday.


This is a reminder to all the students studying in Grade XI & Grade XII Faculties Science,Management,Humanities and Law also BBS students,

Your Classes resume after vacation starting tommorrow i.e
2076 Kartik 14 (Thursday) at usual time.


Dear Outgoing Grade XII Students,

Congratulations for your grade XII results!! 

I am pleased to inform all the students that CMAT forms are available at college. Therefore, all the students are requested to come and collect the forms as soon as possible. Only 40 seats are available for BBM. We will support for your further studies.



Congratulations Pinnacle grade XII graduates !!!

100% Successful board results with higher grades.


I would like to congratulate all my grade xii students for your outstanding board results and I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to our parents/guardians and teachers for this achievement.



To celebrate this occasion the college will remain closed on 15th Shrawan, 2076.





Rishi Tiwari

Urgent notice.

Due to unfavorable circumstances college will remain closed on 10th ashad, 2076 (Tuesday).

Urgent notice

Due to unfavorable circumstances college will remain closed on 6th ashad, 2076 (Friday).

Good News

Dear Grade XII Students,

 CMAT and BANKING TRAINING( a Package) program is starting at SUCCESS from 6th Jestha 2076 onwards.

Grab your opportunity in management field now.

Please call at 9841697469 for further details.

Urgent Notice

Dear Grade XII( Board Exam Appeared) Students,

Here is a Good news for you all!!

1) We are starting CMAT/KUMAT for our students from very soon. Please visit college as soon as possible.

2) Hotel Training opportunity for all management and humanities students( B. studies, computer and all).

3) IELTS/TOEFL and Japanese Language for( Science/management/Humanities- all

Happy to see you all soon.

About exam


Regarding the XII admit card and XI Practical Exam

Dear All,

Grade XII 

 Board Exam Admit Card is ready. Please come and collect your final exam Admit Card from college as soon as possible.

Grade XI Science

Please follow notice board for your practical board exam routine. We are starting from 3 Baisakh 2075-

Program Coordinator.


Thank You for your Donations !!!

Dear Students and Guardians,

Thank you very much for your great support!! You all have donated for poor Rain-storm victims. Your donations really matter for the poor. You are kind people. I believe you will be helped and loved by your god.


Special offer from Success Institute

Dear Guardians, Teachers and Students,

Bridge Course: Science and Management, nursing and pharmacy classes, computer classes, hotel management classes are starting at Success Institute from today(25/12/2075) for SEE appeared students. Success has offered up to 90% scholarship for siblings of our students and students recommended by teachers and guardians. It is really good news for all of us.

Success Institute is a real learning centre for SEE Appeared Students.

We really care you all:

Program Coordinator 

Pleading for Help

Dear Students, Teachers and Guardians,

Pinnacle Academy is willing to donate something for the victims of deadly rainstorm. The killer storm damaged lives and property in Bara and Parsa district recently. We hereby humbly request you all to donate  something for poor soul. Your  small  support might bring smile on innocent poor villagers.

 Please kindly visit and donate something with Principal sir at college on 22 Chaitra 2075( Friday)

Program Coordinator

Regarding Preboard Exam

Dear Grade XI Students,

Preboard Exam is starting from 20th Chaitra 2075 ( Wednesday). 

Management and Humanities Morning: 7:00am

Science: 11:30am

Best of Luck!!


Regarding Special Supports and Admit Cards

Dear Grade XII Science Students,

You all should come college at your usual time at (11:00) for potential  board exam question discussion sessions for a very few days. Those who are not coming for the sessions College is not responsible to provide board exam admit cards and also college is not responsible to support them to acquire satisfactory results at final exams. Therefore, it is very serious matter to attend the special sessions.

Grade XI students

Your preboard admit cards are ready. Please collect them from account section as soon as possible

 Best of luck!!


Program Coordinator


Extremely Important Notice

Dear All,

It is our great pleasure to extend our HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to our gold medalist Ajit Kumar Yadav for his incredible achievements. As an athlete, he was successful to earn this title, the Third Asian Youth Championship 2019 Winner in Hong Kong.

So, to honor Mr Yadav, we are going to organize a felicitation program with the presence of VIPS.

Therefore, I would like to invite you all students, teachers and staff of Pinnacle school and college to attend the auspicious historical occasion. It is the glory of Pinnacle Academy.

Date: 15th Chaitra 2075( Friday)

Time: 1:00 PM

Venue: Pinnacle College Premise (New Building)

Chief Guest: Honorable Education Minister Mr Giriraj Mani Pokharel


Thank you all.




Urgent Notices

(1)Grade XII Science Practical Board Exams

Date: from 8th Chaitra to 10th Chaitra 2075

(2)Grade XII Management Practical Board Exams

(a)Hotel Management Practical Board Exams:

Date: 20th Chaitra 2075

(b)Computer Practical Board Exams:

Date: 10th Chaitra 2075

(4)Grade XII Humanities Practical Board Exams

Mass Communication Practical Board Exams:

19th Chaitra 2075


(5)Grade XII Hotel Management Training:

Date: From 11th Chaitra 2075 to 20th Chaitra 2075 with grand opening

Note: Absentees in the above sessions will get fail results and have to repeat their studies at Grade XII again.

Program Coordinator

Urgent Notices

Dear all,

(1)  Due to unfavorable circumstances college will remain closed on 30th Falgun, 2075 (Thursday).

(2)  Grade XII Science:

Your   HISSAN Preboard( Subject: Nepali)  Exam has been rescheduled, and the exam will be held on 3rd Chaitra 2075 (Sunday).

(3) Grade XI Management and Science : Your monthly test routine, scheduled on 30th Chaitra has been rescheduled on 1st Chaitra 2075( Friday)

(4)Grade XI Hotel Management Students: 

Dear Students, Your hotel visit scheduled on Friday the 1st Chaitra has been rescheduled. Coordinator sir will brief you on Friday regarding the hotel visit next time probably on Sunday/Monday. We are sorry to inform you all that we are obliged to change the date for hotel visit due to the said "Nepal Banda".

(5) There will be no extra classes on 30th Falgun 2075.


Regarding extra classes

Dear students of grade xi and xii , Extra classes are going on. Follow the routine.

Final Day of Regular classes of College

Dear Grade XII Students,

Friday the 17th Falgun 2075 is declared  as final day of Regular and formal Classes/Sessions of College. Students are allowed to bring their mobile phone if they have any. They can take group photographs and enjoy with their friends and teachers. 


Rabi Timilsina

Program Coordinator


Dear all, College will remain closed tomorrow ( 16 Falgun 2075) as a mark of respect to honorable minister and other distinguished members, whose untimely demise shook the entire nation.