Message From the Chairman

Sharad Raj Neupane


Pinnacle education foundation was established to produce better human beings to make our country a better place to stay. Our flexible and student-friendly approach helps us resonate with the tune of time and the increasing pace of modern life. We are well concerned about the development of disciplinary faculty of individuals, for our service is dedicated to the betterment of our society. Our increasing success in the latter motivates us to spend much of our energy on the moral development of our students. Our glorious team of lecturers, professors, and nonteaching staff, besides nourishing them academically, help the students to develop a sense of value and character.

It is not in our nature to let your advice go unheeded. Based on the suggestions from parents and guardians, we have established vocational and technical education schools.

Our career-oriented vision does not end here - our focus is also on introducing degrees on information technology, for it is the fashion and interest of the modern world. Your trust is our triumph. We leave no stones unturned in our endeavor to bring forth the quality and satisfaction during the student’s years at Pinnacle.