Located in the heart of Lalitpur, Pinnacle Academy SS/College stands as a beacon of global standard education, dedicated to instilling qualities of sincerity, humanity, and patriotism in our students. We firmly believe that a teacher serves as a friend, philosopher, facilitator, guide, and guardian, guiding students to uncover their hidden talents, acumen, and creativity. Our cohesive team of highly qualified lecturers, professors, and non-teaching staff is unwavering in its commitment to support students throughout their academic journey at Pinnacle.

Committed to making a significant impact on the education landscape in Nepal, Pinnacle College strives to meet the evolving challenges of the modern era by expanding into different disciplines. Our next ambitious venture involves introducing innovative BBA and BHM programs, after the approval of university which helps broadening the academic horizons available to our students.

At Pinnacle, we are dedicated to fostering a learning environment that goes beyond traditional boundaries, preparing our students to excel in an fluctuating world. We invite you to be a part of our academic community, where excellence, innovation, and personal growth are the cornerstones of education.