Sailent Features

Inspiration for innovation
Students are expected to explore modes to navigate rewarding ideas that inspire them in their professional careers.

Learning for attitude
The degree of positivity within the graduates would determine their career prosperity. Students are prepared with techniques and strategies for enhancing positive and perceptions.

Experiential Learning
Pinnacle graduates undertake field research, live projects as well as they go through the internship, field trips, excursion in order to materialize their classroom knowledge into the working atmosphere. During this process, a team of experts and respected faculties facilitate the students so that they can learn pragmatically and enhance their aptitude.

Mind Mapping Approach
The practical approach facilitates our students to unleash their creativity. This approach has been expected to enhance the critical and creative thinking of the students.

Research and Placement Cell
The Cell organizes several research-based programs to generate new issues and findings to question and stimulate the intellectual milieu in the college. Similarly, the Cell, with college collaborators, has been a bridge to find opportunities for our students in various firms. 

Incubation and Management Lab
Pinnacle College inculcates the applied ideas required for corporate houses and business entrepreneurs in collaboration with the reputed firms and the professionals. Student’s regular interaction and visits to the respective firms familiarize corporate proceedings. The objective is to link student’s creativity with the corporate culture thereby enabling them to confront any of the possible business challenges and opportunities that may come in the future. 

Navigation of case analysis and development
Pinnacle College realizes that the experience to materialize the project into case studies development is just another hoop to jump through. This project has the potential to enhance students learning experience in several important ways: creative thinking, critical thinking, information literacy, inquiry and analysis, integrative learning, problem-solving, and written comprehension. 

Pinnacle College has been operating its mentorship programs through faculty members, senior students, Pinnacle Alumni,business, and entrepreneur collaborators to contribute to student’s professional development. 

Participatory Learning
The college has opted for the mechanism of empowering its’ students through various student-initiated programs.

Professional Assignment (PA), Comprehensive Learning Assignment (CLA)
The thrust of the practical approach of learning through research assignment is the key additive to the knowledge development of our students.