Message From the Principal

Dr. Rishi Tiwari


Pinnacle is known for its disciplined milieu and rich history of fostering big ideas and people who make them happen. We combine the widest range of degrees (Science, Commerce, Humanities & Law in XI and XII: NEB, BBM, BBS & B.Sc, Microbiology: TU, Diploma in Pharmacy: CTEVT) and virtually unlimited learning opportunities to place ourselves among the premier choices of the students.

We are the vanguard of innovative education. Our study methodology considers the curricular needs, while not overlooking the necessity of the intellectual growth of our students. Education is the engine of development, and our institution constantly prioritizes the uncompromised quality education in a manner consistent with the psychological demands of students.

We are also aware of auxiliary demand of the modern work market. We understand the necessity of maximizing the probability of getting jobs in the future. Considering the same, and advice from the guardians of our students, we have launched the vocational training and technical education school. Furthermore, our teaching methodology is synchronized with global technology, which is why our students face no difficulty adopting themselves with modern challenges.

We are proud of the scintillating achievements of our students in various disciplines of life. We are humbled by the faith put upon us by the parents, whose constant support and suggestions stimulate us to enrich ourselves and spread our wings.

I welcome you to be a part of our family.